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As you’ve probably noticed in the examples above, you have access to a small and large grid. If you know that your grid structure will be the same for small devices as it will be on large devices, just use the small grid. You can override your small grid classes by adding large grid classes to it. To use the mixin, you’ll need to have the extension installedor grab _foundation-global.scss_global.scss and _grid.scss from Github and throw them into a Foundation folder in your project directory.

If you are keen on SCSS and use it for your Foundation projects, you have access to a grid mixins that will let you layout the page without using presentational classes that you don’t want. You can create your own set of classes or even create your own grid. Setting any of the options to ‘false’ will leave off those styles, giving you lots of control over your CSS output. Here’s an example structure you might use with the grid mixin:

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