Welcome to Kjun.

Organic or architectural in style these simplified shapes create the visual impact Kjun wants each piece to deliver. Metal is key and allows for infinite variables.

Kjun is committed to offering unique “organic wearable art.”

Each piece is sketched by hand, incorporating central elements of our founder’s distinctive style. What results from this craftwork and insightful energy is an ever-developing narrative between stainless steel shapes and an unlimited organic palatte to draw inspiration from. Some of our jewelry features sensual, haphazardly poured color, some are complex, conceptual and exotic, while some just make you smile from the simple, happy visual impact.

Kjun opened its studio in 2009 and has been creating one of a kind stainless steel pieces ever since. Using the lost wax casting method, and a few new tricks of our own, our pieces are cast from plant life native to the Atlantic Northeast, and hand carved wax models.

Kjun’s collection incorporates different styles and personalities with a complementary mix of natural, modern and urban selections. Made for the person who isn’t afraid to express themselves.

About our Founder.

Art always has been my passion. It started in performance art, pursuing a ballet career in New York City right out of high school. This evolved into the graphic arts – my professional vocation for the past 20 years, where I’ve served as an Art Director for business-to-business and business-to-consumer retail/fashion catalogs.

Now my artistic passion evolves once again, leading me to work with steel, silver and copper, welding and cutting metal into beautiful, wearable art. But it’s forging silver that has truly become my passion.

Each piece begins as a design on paper. It then goes to my Mac, where it takes on new and exciting forms once my designs are applied.

I hope you enjoy seeing the fruits of my artistic passion, and are moved to make some of my creations your very own.

Believe in the possibilities. Pursue the dream.